The Start of a Something Good

Welcome to ME!

I’ve always wanted to write down my musings but the thought of a diary was just too much for me, hence a blog to let you know about me, my art and the happenings in my life.

I started quilting a long long time ago and, from the very beginning it seems, was designing my own quilts. In the last five years I got real interested in art quilts and love the freedom it gives me, I do what I want and so much for all the rules. I belong to a couple of art groups that has me reaching beyond my own expectations and it is exhilirating. I still teach at a local qult shop and am now trying to publish my own patterns so look for them from my company RedBarn Studios.

That’s all for now. Just a quick heads-up, when I get into a real creative groove or, as is usual with all of us, life gets in the way I’ll try to post often but be aware and keep checking back.

See ya next time ‘In The Hayloft’.

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