Finally Done…Yeh!

Been trying to catch up with paperwork and do get some studio time to finish up some pieces but with kids out of school interuptions abound. Connor, my six year old, just wants to go shopping for Pokemon cards. Will have to indulge him soon to get some peace. Thinking of making a DO NOT DISTURB sign with a timer for my studio door just for these “special” interruptions.

My first child, Andrew, graduated from high school this past Sunday and that was a lovely feeling to experience since it almost didn’t happen. As late as two weeks ago he came to me to prepare me for the fact tha he might not graduate but things worked out in the end, thank goodness gracious.

I finally finished an applique piece I had been working on for the past few months. I know, I know…it is small so why did it take so long? It’s hand applique people! I just started getting into it so the going’s a bit slow…machine work has always been my speed (vroom, vroom).

This one and the other one below are an applique design a friend, Susan Knapp, wanted me to test for her. She did hers all in pink batiks. I told her I’d do four of them but so far have only got 2 of them completely finished. Not bad for a newbie to hand applique, huh? Now for the quilting…hmmm.

See you in the Hayloft,


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