Quilt Olympics Event

It been a long two weeks and I’m still trying to catch up on paperwork and have yet to finish the couple of piece I’ve been working on. Will post those in a few.

Last night I presented a different program to one of the guilds I belong to. We had a QUILT OLYMPICS event where teams compete against each other for prizes. The game I started at the beginning of the meeting was GOTCHA! In this game there is a forbidden word and anyone who says it has to give up one of the 6 pins they started the night with. It was hilarious because there was a lot of bleeping going on…that is, when they remembered to bleep themselves. As the night went on I added more forbidden words. Bet you can’t guess what the original word was…QUILT (or any derivative of it).

At the beginning of the program I had everyone recite the Quilt Olympics Pledge. Check out the solemnity of the occasion with all their right hands raised. Such dedication! One of the things I had them promise, other than to do their utmost best for their fellow team members, was to never pass up an opportunity to buy more fabric. No one seemed to object to that bit…wonder why?

Couple of the events included Frog Stitching…every quilter’s favorite thing to do (NOT! ) and Thimble Toss…look at those ladies run! Check out one of the team members helping the thimble into the cup. Priceless!
Team 4 trying to name the 36 blocks I had given them

We had so much fun laughing and enjoying ourselves I’m thinking we will have to do this again.

See ya next time “In the Hayloft”,


One Response to Quilt Olympics Event

  1. Judy Whitehead says:

    Oh that looks like you had FUN! I’m even more sorry now I missed it to working on machine repairs.

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