Family Art

I had planned to upload pics of my latest project then thought you might enjoy this better. It all started when I said to the kids let’s make birthday cards for Daddy this year, whose birthday was a few days ago. This is what they came up with. The red is by my 15 yrs old…can you tell she is into drama? Here’s the front of the card. And lo and behold, this is the inside of her special card. Her Dad cracked up when he opened it (BTW, Git is a loose English term meaning jerk or sillyhead but in a fun loving way.)

Our 6 yr old loves to colour and draw…right now it’s all about Superheros (that’s his made-up superhero on the front). I speak “Connor” language so translation of the phonetically spelt words is “Daddy I love U (see inside Love) I am happy that you are turning 44”. He had to pause at after he read it too. Ha ha ha ha ha ha…

What a gift…kids!

(Front cover and inside of card)

See ya next time “In the Hayloft”,


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