I’m quite estatic this early morning. I finally have my 1st web page done…well… not really…I have set up a, uno, one page and now need to tweak some images so they show up better. Boy am I happy (can’t you just see me doing the happy dance?).

I bought a couple of books (see previous post) and found four more at the library that I thought would help although you know those are really out of date at 3 years old. I considered for a millisecond purchasing DreamWeaver but my budget just ain’t there. I decided to go on the web and see if there could possibly be anything else a teensy tiny bit cheaper (like $200 cheaper) and would you believe I found it.


I came upon a little HTML software editor called CoffeeCup. They have been in existence for a while now, since ’96, but I had never heard of them before. I downloaded the trial software and two days later….did you hear me, I said 2 DAYS LATER…I have a web page, of sorts.

Tomorrow I will purchase the software (now that I know I can use it.) Next step…to get the other 150 pages finished. Oh people, I’m just kidding, I really only have about 10 or 15 more to do to be able to upload it to my server. Half the battle is over. Yippee!!!!!

See ya next time “In the Hayloft”,


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