Picture of the Day

So I’m driving along the road and and I stop at a traffic light just turning red. I know this light will probably take a while to change to green so I thought it a good time to take out my camera to check some recent photos I’d taken (make good use of time my mother always said). I turn the camera on and look to my left. This is what I see.

Hurriedly I take a picture before the car racing up to break beside me cuts off my view. Maybe the people who hung the sign can be excused for being dyslexic or…

…….maybe they forgot that we don’t live in Japan where things are read from right to left or…

…….maybe the credit union thought it was a good advertising idea and asked for the sign to remain thus hung or…

……..maybe they were pissed at their boss for making them work…yet again darn it!

No matter the reason, me thinks someone is gonna get in BIG, BIG trouble for this one.
We’ll file this one under picture of the day.

See ya next time “In the Hayloft”,

2 Responses to Picture of the Day

  1. Susan Brubaker Knapp says:

    Let’s hope the installers just propped it up there temporarily while they went for lunch break!

  2. Feather on a Wire says:

    I HAVE to know, have you been back and has it been re-hung?
    Even the U is upside down.
    Could it be deliberate? After all, you noticed it and wouldn’t have done if it had been the right way round.
    I HAVE to know, please go back there,

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