Happy Thanksgiving!

Hubby and 6yr old with my first poinsettas of the season

Hope everyone had a gobbly good Thanksgiving. It was nice just having the family around but it felt strange as well cause we usually have friends over (they also have no other family near them) but this time they chose to have a quiet day themselves. Got a call from one of them and he said he missed being at our house! Ohhhhh. So me thinks we’ll end up together again next year as was our tradition for over 12 yrs. Ya live and ya learn.

Yesterday, because we didn’t have guests I got to do some of my own thing (which I promised myself to work on) and I finished the look of my website…the struggle with that had more to do with being content with what I produced enough to like it for the long run.

I have a few pages to fill out…one being the “about myself” page, aaagrrh (waxing on about my accomplishments is something I’m still not very comfortable doing) and secondly I need to take good pics of my large quilts to post on my gallery page. Have to set it up outside to get good pics cause I don’t have a studio wall big enough.

Wish me luck that it works the first time around so I can finally upload it to a server so that the whole wide world can see me. Yikes! Just the thought of that gives me the heeby geebies but…I WILL NOT GIVE UP, I WILL PERSEVERE!!!! .

I know, I know you’re probably thinking”she got a blog for goodness sake, how’s that for worldwide” but having a website is somehow different in my mind. Here I’m just enjoying “chatting” with friends.

By the way I usually end my nights just before I go to sleep by finding something everyday to be grateful for. But this Thankgiving I am more grateful than you can imagine for having my family, all my children at home to celebrate the day with. We’ve been in upheaval for such a long time it was good to just appreciate them all. Of course my 6yr old kept telling me, “Mummy you’re staring at me again”. What can I say, they make me smile and those tender feeling just rise to the surface.

See ya next time”In the Hayloft”,


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