Cleaning is Overrated…but necessary

It must be getting near the end of the year because I seem to be in a cleaning frenzy. My mother has this thing about bringing in the new year with a clean house and I guess I’ve adopted it (don’t we become just like our mother’s in the end anyway?)

I cleaned my son’s room last week and what a major reshuffle that was. Whew!!! Let me explain something to you…he is just six yrs old but happens to be one of the biggest hoarders I know. He wanted to throw away nothing, NOTHING I say! His pile for keep was gi-normous compared to the throw away pile. I must say though that he was generous with his give-away pile (alright so he has outgrown most of those baby toys but still couldn’t bear to throw them away, but giving was okay).

He absolutley loves to draw and draws this superhero he made up, KAP * W (pronounced KAP-STAR-W) all the time. HE IS KAP * W, the stongest superhero in the world! So do you know how many pictures there are of this superhero? I’ll tell you…a small laundrey basket full and none could find it’s way into the largest garbage bag I could find.

I was even told at one point “you’re killing me Mum” to which I said…Okay hon, but only KAP* W pictures we are keeping. I know, I was a sap, a sucker and now have to come up with an ingenious way to store all these papers and probably thousands more to come.

So we are sitting there in a clean room where we could finally see the carpet and he tells me “now we need to paint”. I might add that it is not even 5 minutes after we finish heave-ho his room! Do you think Santa can handle that job? No, I mean the real Santa, the one that swoops down the chimney and all.

So now I am finished with his room and will start on the next cleaning job, something I’ve been putting off for a long time…………….my studio! It needs a complete overhaul—–new storage (yummy), lots of dusting/sweeping (cough cough) and replanning where things go for easier retrieval. Wish me luck!

See ya next time “In the Hayloft”,

p.s. will post picture of “before” when I’ve taken picture of the “after”. Will not embarras myself w/o showing the bee-u-tiful results.


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