Christmas Has Reached Our House

We finally finished decorating the tree! After we strung all the lights and plugged them in, the lights in the middle of the tree simply would not work. No matter how much we twisted and jiggled them. It took an extra trip to the shop to get four more sets of lights and no…we did not take off the ones that weren’t working, just wrapped the new ones in.

Needless to say taking down the tree this year will be a bear of a task. Only after I took the picture did I notice that Connor jumped in the picture to show off his truck.

Below is the view as you enter our house from the front door with the tree glittering in the sun room in the back. Again, did I notice Connor jumping into the shot from the stairs? But he was too cute to reshoot it. So here are the pictures of the Christmas in the Howes household and one member who refused to be forgotton.

See you next time “In the Hayloft”,


4 Responses to Christmas Has Reached Our House

  1. clevelandgirlie says:

    Hello fellow fiber artist! I came across your blog under the Take it Further Challenge website as I too am a participant. I love your work (and your beautiful Christmas decorations!) I look forward to seeing what you do with the challenge. Oh, and we seem to share another interest — “cleaning!” I have list(s) of things I plan to clean up and out by the end of the year.
    Have a Happy New Year!

  2. Grace says:

    I too am excited about our TIF challenge. Update- I’m still cleaning trying to get it done in time for New Year’s. Thanks for posting.

  3. Feather on a Wire says:

    Wow, that has to be the most colourful tree ever!
    Glad to hear your son thinks Christmas the ‘best’. Isn’t that a treadle sewing machine table all decorated up in your hallway? I love the thought that sewing stuff can add to the decorations.
    I wish your pattern designs well for 2008.
    Happy New Year!

  4. Grace says:

    Yup, much like my house, colour, colour everywhere.

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