A New Pattern

I finally finished my latest pattern called “Bloom Where You Are Planted”. Yeh me! It is a small fused wallhanging measuring 24″x 31″ (see some detail shots below). Even the black and white border is fused down.

The story behind this quilt started with my 15 yr old daughter who, at the time, was struggling with her identity among her more slighted “advanced” friends and trying to find some much needed self-confidence . Her solution was to move to a diffferent school. Ix nay on that! Things were not insurmountable so I sat her down to talk and basically told her to stand her ground, don’t change who she is at the core (which is a very sweet and caring person) and to “bloom where she was planted”. No matter the difficulty BLOOM! I think this is a great quilt for a girl’s bedroom to remind them that their beauty will shine no matter what.

If you would like to purchase this or any of my patterns please email me at

I am planning on launching my website,
RedBarn-studios.com, in January for all the world to see. On my website I will be offering my patterns and original artwork for sale plus a list of workshops I will be doing at shops and nearby venues. Check back soon for notice of my website launch. I can’t wait!

See ya next time “In the Hayloft”,

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