The Piece That Wasn’t Supposed to Be

I design patterns. I like designing patterns. A friend suggested, however, that I design a quilt pattern around a particular fabric line, get some attention coming my way. So off to the quilt shop I went.

I chose 9 different fabrics from the April Cornell line “A Little Romance” by Moda Fabrics . Had the quilt in mind that I was going to do and skipped all the way home (taking literary liberties here…me skip?)

The small quilt I had in mind only needed 1/8th yard of 8 of the fabrics but I got a full 1/3 yard (big spender I am huh?) of the beautiful mint green solid you see below.

I washed and ironed the fabs and got ready to create. I cut a background from the solid green and laid it on my worktable. Somehow, 4 hours later I came up with “Windy Day”. Not one blessed piece of the April Cornell fabric made it into the quilt, not that I didn’t like the fabs mind you.

Moral of the story, sometimes you gotta go where the muse takes you (yeh, she found her way back to me eventually).

See ya next time “In the Hayloft”,

One Response to The Piece That Wasn’t Supposed to Be

  1. Susan Brubaker Knapp says:

    LOVE IT! Those little flowers make me feel so happy. And as always, your color sense is wonderful. You are also really developing a “look” to your work with each piece you create. Susan

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