January TIF Challenge

I finally got round to getting something done on the TIF Challenge. I must admit I had a lot of commitments to finish this month and TIF took a back seat this time unfortunately.

To recap, the concept for this month was to expand on feelings of admiration, to pick someone, something you admire and work from there.

After a few days of thought I chose my friend, Susan. Despite the ups and downs of her life, her ability to produce meaningful, prolific artwork is a quality I greatly admire. Her tenacity and forthright manner and her get up and go attitude is something we should all strive to emulate.

From Within”

The piece I made is called “From Within”. It is so named because for many of us like Susan who choose to make a living as artists and trying to maintain some sort of balance in our lives, we call on that core part of ourselves, that inner strength that we sometimes forget we have to carry us forward and keep us centered despite all that we encounter as we live our lives.

My idea came from wanting to depict a life unfolding, constantly moving (the center portion) with wands or tentacles of creativity constantly being developed and reaching out to become full expressions of ourselves, our art as a part of our center souls.

The piece still needs to be quilted. I will add some hand stitching and more machine quilting to further develop the piece. But for now challenge #1 is done (sorta kinda).

Check out other January TIF Challenge pieces here.

See ya next time “In the Hayloft”,

5 Responses to January TIF Challenge

  1. jacqui says:

    This is so full of energy but serene at the same time.

  2. pdcrumbaker@gmail.com says:

    Really nice. Your comment about reaching out to make art part of our center souls is a nice description of a feeling that is very familiar to creative people.

  3. Karoda says:

    your spiral motif is very cool…can see it repeated in various sizes in a larger quilt.

    and parts of this post makes an excellent artist statement too!

  4. Grace says:

    That’s exacly what I was thinking Karoda after I posted – I might just have a series in this little image huh?
    Strange how you mentioned it but I’ve been struggling recently trying to come up with an artist statement for my website. Some times we are just too close to things to recognize what is we are seeing. Thanks.

  5. Susan Brubaker Knapp says:

    Grace, I’m just so honored that you thought of me when planning this project! You have quite a bit of that “get up and go attitude” yourself, and it is wonderful to see all that you are doing and planning in your art. Love you! – Susan

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