Every Little Bit Helps

Just a short post today about conservation. The county we live in is in stage 3 water restrictions. Been that way for a while now. So to do our part one of the things we did was to find another source for water to water out plants.

For a while now we have had a bucket in the shower to catch excess water. I fill up my watering can and my son and I go around and water all the plants we have around the house (he loves to help me do this). Easy no brainer thing to do, right?

Connor, who just turned 7 this past Monday, took a shower one evening this week as he usually does. Early the next morning when I went to take my shower…this is what I found and I just had to capture it:

I was so overcome with gratitude and love for that little guy, that this little thing we are doing to conserve water he has actually paid attention to and wants to do his part as well. I am so very pleased to know my role modeling is working. Now if only I can see some of the stuff I taught in “The Teenager” (yeh, right!).


and another update on the newest member of our family.

Do ya think he’s a bit spoiled right now……..

his own blankie???????

See ya next time “In the Hayloft”,


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