Take It Further February

St. Andrew’s Cathedral, Wells, Somerset, England

Okay it’s February and I’ve got to gear up to take on the next TIF challenge. This month’s concept from Sharon B is an interesting one. It’s a question this time:

“What are you old enough to remember?”

Sharon B wrote a little about what she remembers. It includes man walking on the moon, Lennon getting shop, vinyl records (oh my gosh that’s a throwback isn’t it…records!), using wood stoves and a whole lot more.

Bristol Cathedral, Bristol, England

My mind is reeling with all sorts (not that I’m THAT old mind you) and this month I want to start sketching ideas in my journal so that not only can I record it so you can see, but also to get it the habit of using my sketchbook again to tease out my ideas.

Floor of Roman Baths, Bath, England

I tend to think about things in the early early morning (my brain seems to be on a 3 o’clock idea schedule, definitely need to reconfigure that) and I usually just jot things down on a small post-it pad by my bed. That’s not enough for me anymore. I see all sorts of sketchbooks from other artists and love looking at their progression so I have a two-fold mission this month.

Stay tuned, I hope to do more postings as I work thru this month’s challenge.

If you were doing this challenge what things are you too OLD to remember…that you’d like other people to know of course?

BTW, here’s the palette for this month.

See ya next time “In the Hayloft”,

3 Responses to Take It Further February

  1. Jacqui says:

    Love your photographs but was puzzled because I was sure you reside the USA. So read through and saw you have an English husband.

    I lived in the Bath area for 3 yrs when I studied Fine Art at Bath Academy of Art. I still like to visit that region if we get the chance but last time was about 4 yrs ago when I met a friend for lunch in Bath.

  2. Grace says:

    Absolutley loved wandering thru Bath. Took soooooo many photos and have yet to use them in something.
    Yes, husband is English and I’m from the Bahamas. So he’s the English rose (hee, hee) and I’m the Bahama Mama!

  3. Mulberry Tart says:

    My grandads 2 aunts ran a general store with a pot belly stove in it. They use to let us have all the candy we wanted and a glass bottle coke. i love remembering things like that!

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