“There may not be enough hours in the day for everything I might possibly want to do but there is always time for the stuff I really really care about…it’s about identifying the important stuff”.

This is a quote from an artist’s blog I read regularly, Lisa Call. She blogged recently about priorities and finding time to do the “important stuff”. These last few weeks I have been committed to getting a few things finished in my studio, stuff to get my business going.

This week however, business “stuff” took a back seat. It has been a fun week but a long one. I found that I scheduled too any things for this one week and am paying the price for it. I AM TIRED! My days were extremely long and my feet are so very sore from constantly standing but, despite that, it’s been a good week.

I had the pleasure of hostessing Esterita Austin at our guild meeting on Wednesday. She did a 1-day workshop yesterday and a 2-day workshop held today and continuing tomorrow. She is funny, inspiring and a real hoot to be with. Thanks Teri for making it easy for me. I also taught session 1 of my Beginning Quilting class last night. Whew!

On Sunday I’ll be doing one important thing and only one important thing…putting my tired feet up and getting some much needed shut-eye…okay, one eye will be open…y’all know I still have to watch my sunday morning news programs!

Pics of some artwork coming soon.

See ya next time “In the Hayloft”,


2 Responses to "Stuff"

  1. Rhondi says:

    Hi Grace First let me say what a fabulous job you did this year as program chair. Every speaker has been wonderful! I don’t get around to reading your blog very often, but whenever I do it’s always fun. Today i arrived here via a person in Australia who left a comment on my blog. SO I went to hers and she mentioned the challenge and so I went there and was going down the list of quilters who were participating and there you were! I am amazed what I find whenever I spend some time travelling in blogland.
    Makwe sure you take that rest that youplan to take this weekend. You need to be good to yourself first, an dthen you’ll have something to give to others. Take care. Rhondi xo

  2. Grace says:

    Thanks Rhondi. Blogland is defintely a wonderful place to travel and from the comfort of you own home still.
    Funny thing though today, feet went up, news programs went on…power went out! So relaxed at Starbucks w/coffee and family instead.

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