A Free Pattern for Valentine’s

Valentine Love Scroll
I’ve never been one to celebrate Valentine’s Day in any big way because I feel love tokens, notes, etc. needs to be given all year long. This year though I decided that we should all be able to declare our love for that special someone in our lives and I thought a scroll, like those used for town proclamations, was in order.

rolled and tied scroll

You can make this “Love Scroll” for your significant other or, if you have a twinkle in your eye for someone new, you can use this scroll to give them a little hint about your feelings.

love scroll unrolled

The finished size of the “Love Scroll” is 9″x 22″. Just think, a bundle of love in a little fat eighth! I’ve even added some ties on the back so it can be rolled up just like a scroll. The heartfelt bee is all dressed in pink for Valentine’s instead of his usual worker bee yellow. With the ease of fusible this little declaration of yours will be done in no time!

love scroll detail

For the next few days I will be offering this as a free pattern. Email me (click contact me at sidebar) and I’ll get your free pattern right out to you. Have fun with it and have a little love on me 🙂

See ya next time “In the Hayloft”,

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