Making the TIF Piece

Here’s a short synopsis of how I made this challenge piece.

To make the cloud I fused a piece of Misty Fuse to a square of white tulle and scrunched it up onto itself. It you do it while it is still warm to the touch it will stick to itself and stay fairly well in that position.
Thanks Esterita for that tip.

To get the correct shape as I ironed the fusible side fof the tulle to the blue sky background, I positioned the tulle and pressed with iron over a sheet of parchment paper, can be a bit finicky but works none-the-less.

For the names of each crew member I wanted to be able to see thru their names, giving an almost etheral quality to it. I cut a piece of freezer paper to printer paper size and ironed it lightly to one side of white organza, cut to size as well, then manually fed the sheet thru my ink jet printer.

Be aware that the lead edge of the sheet must be ironed down enough that it lays down flat when feeding through the printer rollers or else it will ravel up and cause havoc with your printer.

I cut apart the names, the time and the date, cut a piece of Misty Fuse the same size then ironed in place. Minimal quilting was in order to finish the piece. I really like this one and realized afterwards that it was more cathartic than I’d originally thought.

See the post below for my feeling as as I put together this challenge piece.

See ya next time “In the Hayloft”,

3 Responses to Making the TIF Piece

  1. Meg in Albuquerque says:

    Your piece is very eloquent and also peaceful. I imagine that each of the people would be pleased to be remembered in your piece. Great job.

  2. Hélène H says:

    Wow, this is a very powerful piece !

  3. Grace says:

    Thanks you so much for the good vibes. I definitely wanted to remember everyone who perished because that’s what the whole tragedy was about.
    It was good to get it done.

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