Field Trip!

Today I went with my FAB friends to the shop Random Arts in Saluda, NC.


If you are into any sort of mixed media or want to expand your quilting to the next heights you must visit this tiny gem of a shop. We spent 2 1/2 hours looking over every inch of the shop, gathering things and then finding a little something else in another corner that had to be added to the pile.

We were exhausted! …and very hungry.

Jane (RA’s owner) and Joyce coddled us and spirited us in every different direction. They answered all our questions about any items we needed explanations on, then noticed us wilting. Joyce shoo’d us out the door, with a solemn promise to kept our little piles of gathered items safe, and sent us immediately to a wonderful little cafe down the street, The Purple Onion.

Off we went to enjoy a wonderfully nutritious lunch with Aaron, our tall, cute waitstaff.

Fully satiated we returned to find our piles of items all ready for purchase. I must say…I did not win the largest purchase award today, that title so rightly belongs to DeLane. Whew!!!

Jane has papers and books and ribbons and inking supplies and found objects and tiny letters and charms and rubber stamps and magazines and workshops and……..I’m exhausted just thinking about everything again. Instead just head on over to Random Arts, a fantastic little shop hidden in the mountains of western North Carolina and tell Jane Grace sent you!

See ya next time “In the Hayloft”,

One Response to Field Trip!

  1. random notes says:

    Great little blog about Saluda.
    So glad that you all had a good
    time while you were here. It was
    fun for us too. Thank you so much.

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