Greenpiece – March TIF Challenge

I bet you thought I would never post my March TIF Challenge piece. The very late unveiling is upon us.

I have had so much going in the last few weeks that my duty to my fellow TIF Challenge compadres has been shirked. My apologies. Okay, okay…the challenge piece.

Here’s a detail of my stone quilting. I added the bunches of white seed beeds in clusters along the top. My daughter is not happy with the addition but hey…it’s my quilt.

The challenge for April is change. Here’s is Sharon B’s take on what to think about.

“Some people see change as positive while others are fearful of change. People say we have to learn to live with change as change has always been part of life. As soon as we are born we start to grow in other words we start to change. How do you see change? That is the challenge topic this month.”

Of course I see change daily in my kids, watching them grow and mature (well some anyway) and there’s the change I, as one who is approaching the big 50, is experiencing. I see change in the sky from daylight to dusk; I want to see change in our world so we take care of it and preserve it for future generations; I see a change that needs to take place in us as humans and how we intereact with one another.

Change can be a wonderful thing if we think if it in terms of growth. We all need to grow, to evolve and become better people. Let’s see what I can do with this one. Ideas are percolating…

See ya next time “In the Hayloft”,


2 Responses to Greenpiece – March TIF Challenge

  1. freebird says:

    I saw your post for today and thought I’d look backwards a bit to see if I can see your style. I had to withdraw from the TIF as I was getting overwhelmed. I didn’t do this change challenge but I really like what you had to say about change.
    I also like the white clusters on the piece of your quilt that you show here. It looks like space with bright stars gleaming in the vastness.

  2. Grace says:

    What a beautiful way to envision my “Greenpiece” quilt. Thank you very much for that complement.
    As for change, I’m really a glass half full person (as opposed to glass half empty) and can really only see change as a good thing in the end.

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