Simply Spring Cover

I’m trying to get better at pattern covers and just finished this one for my latest pattern “Simply Spring”.

It took a while because I discovered some new tools in Photoshop Elements (PE6) that I didn’t know existed. Duh!

You know how when kids get a new game and they start playing it without even looking at the directions, that’s what I did when I got PE6, I just dived in. So why didn’t someone tell me I could play like this????

Head over to my website if you want to purchase this or any other patterns or just email me and I will send it right out to you.

See ya next time”In the Hayloft”,


2 Responses to Simply Spring Cover

  1. Karrin Hurd says:

    Did you have an earlier version of Photoshop Elements, and if so how is PE6 better. I have PE5 and am wondering if I should upgrade.

  2. Grace says:

    I previously worked with Corel PaintShopPro before this but have not had as much satisfaction as I have with PE6. Learning curve, for me, was less steep too.
    Took a ‘Joggles’ online course to help me as well. I really enjoy it. BTW, the complete cover was done in PE6 and set up in Publisher.

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