What are YOU Drawn to?

Today is MONDAY!

Time for a post (bet you thought I forgot…HA!).

My FAB group met recently and I posed a question to them. I showed them 4 pieces of work that I had recently finished and asked them to tell me what was the common factor in all of them.

My thinking is that with their input I would get some more feedback on the direction my artwork was taking.

I see myself gravitating in a new direction. Don’t misunderstand, I will keep designing quilt patterns because I still love making traditional quilts with a contemporary twist, but I think I’m defining, in a singular way, what kind of artwork really inspires me to create.

I’ve mentioned here already that I’m drawn to colour, line, shape and, more recently, texture (as opposed to pattern).

These are the art quilts that draw me in, that speak to my core, the ones that can suggest realism but does not convey a specific image; the ones that use colour as it’s main tool and informs the piece with line and shape.

It got me to thinking about how each of us defines our art. Have you formerly thought about how and why you produce the things that you do?

What draws you to a textile piece in a show or gallery? What about it speaks to YOU?

Are you a person who prefers realistic images, pieces that tell a story and gives you images to respond to or do you prefer pieces that you interpret as you see it, where you get to inform the piece with your own thoughts and feelings?

BTW, the pomagranite piece at left is unquilted. The design you see is done in a dry erase pen on a piece of plexiglass, my way of auditioning quilting patterns.

I take pictures of each one as I draw them and can then refer back to see which one works best. This is not the pattern I have chosen to machine quilt it with.

If you’ve been reading my blog you’ve probably seen some of the things I’ve been producing . What feedback do you have? Any concise thoughts on the direction you see me taking?

No worries on me being offended. I say if you ask the questions then you must be okay with the answers you get.

See ya next time “In the Hayloft”,

2 Responses to What are YOU Drawn to?

  1. freebird says:

    I looked back a little ways to see some of what you’ve done. My daughter is better than I at picking up trends and details but I would say that although some are geometric (I really like these two) I see you also do bright, funky flowers and some more traditional quilts.

    You say you like bright saturated colors and I can see you really do but you seem to tone them down with some neutral colors – a much more sophisticated use of color to me than just using bright colors. It keeps your bright colors from looking childish or shallow. I think you know a lot more about color than I do; I tend to want it all at once all the time but you have more control.

    I like your flowers and your geometric quilts better than the traditional ones I’ve seen here but I only saw a few of each group to judge from. I am pretty much self taught so I don’t have a lot of structure to draw from to critique your work. I just know that I enjoy your use of color, shape and space.

  2. Grace says:

    Wow, thanks again for the complements on my work. I’m actually working on a couple of workshops to teach on colour theory and visual design elements.
    I am quite pleased that you like the direction of my latest work. It lets me do a lot more intuitive play and my working small format helps me move along quickly to try different things.

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