Books, Books, Books

Most of my friends know I have this pact with myself, to add one new book to my library every month. Some months I don’t buy any new ones at all but I do love it when a shiny new book arrives in the mail. YUMMY!!!!!!!

Most of the books I buy are reference books (as opposed to those that contain how-to-do-exactly-what-I-do tutorials).

That’s because I am in a learn, learn, learn phase and since going to workshops given by top artists is out of the question for me right now, I can take a lesson on some interesting technique thru their book.

So with that said you just have to check out my little library widget that I added on my sidebar! It’s just way too cute.

Take Katie Pasquini’s latest, “Color and Composition“. Such a great book that contains a slew of exercises to help you thru the two things that can stump a new quilt artist.

My latest purchase is “Mixed-Media Collage” by Holly Harrison. Holly takes you on a fantastic in-depth journey with five mixed-media artists, going thru step by step (though not a turorial) as the artists make a particular mixed-media piece their own unique way. She then lets you sit in on her interviews with them as they reveal thier thoughts on being artists. Way cool book!

I have always wanted to share the books I’m reading with you and now I get to thru my “Little Library Book Club”.

Happy reading!


3 Responses to Books, Books, Books

  1. Judy Whitehead says:

    Love the new look! One of the books in your little widget has got me intrigued already!

  2. Joyce says:

    I love getting new books too! And just put Mixed-Media Collage on my wish list. 🙂

    I have my books (most of the quilting type ones) on Library Thing, too. I thought I’d put them on my blog when I had them all on the list! LOL Maybe I just need to link them to my blog and quit the wishful thinking.

  3. Mad Elena says:

    Just discovered Barnyard Chatter – you have a great way of expressing yourself. Keep up the great writing.
    To build up my book collection, I check it out my local quilt guild’s great library before committing to buy. Katie Pasquini Masopust was one of those. She gave a good workshop based on a new book coming soon on abstraction.

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