I’m in a bit if a pickle today. I finally decided to get the cortisone shot in my foot that had been recommended to me. Can you say BIG big OUCH!!

My husband sat with me (thankfully) as Doc gave me 2 injections and I just about squeezed the bugger out his hand on that second one. That one really hurt. Apparently that injection site was the exact area where I’ve been experiencing my foot problem.

So 7 hours later here I sit, on my bed, with my foot propped up on 3 pillows wishing I could be at my friend’s 1st gallery opening tonight. Boo hoo.

Are you feeling sorry for me yet? Aw shucks forget about me (for now at least), go create something new in my honour. I’ll just deal with the pain……sigh…that might last 48-72 hrs.

Oh well, it’s all for good. It has to be. I’m taking a workshop with Lyric Kinard tomorrow and my foot has to be able to be hobbled on at least!
See ya next time “In the Hayloft”,

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