Colour Play

For the last few weeks I’ve been promising myself a treat…to dedicate a day to dyeing some fabs (finally). Let me tell you I am soooooooooo exhausted because Wed is also the day we had a high of 100 degrees. BOY was it hot.

First good decision: do not set up in the back garden which was my original intention. so off to the garage I go and pull down the table and set my area up, my trusty dog Logan right there to keep me company.
It was also better this way cause the large sink was right there to use instead of the garden hose out back.
Today was just experimentation to get back into the groove of things. I went at it with no set agenda, no specific colours to dye or any expectations on the outcome. The only thing I had I my mind was “What if…?”.

Safety first, I donned my respirator and made my dye concentrates and went at it. Only had a few dye pots left so I knew this was not going to be a big batch of fabrics I was coming away with.

But experimenting was so very cool. Look what I did…I played with the leftover dye that wasn’t enough to dye fabrics with (teaspoons left) and made a small dye study chart for myself. Just kept mixing and mixing and recorded each one.

Now this is nothing compared to the colour study you make when you take Carol Sonderland’s workshop. Oooh how I would love to do that one. I keep checking her schedule and one of these days……ooowee!
Anyway, for now I have these to work from. Am about to order more fabs and dyes for my Annual Dyeing Party in July. I am so looking forward to that.

See ya next time “In the Hayloft”,


3 Responses to Colour Play

  1. Karoda says:

    you and me both on taking a class with carol!!! i’m keeping my eye on her schedule for 2009!

    digging your garden of dyed fabrics!

    where do you get your fabrics…i’m looking to order fabric for july as well (dharma tradiing). maybe we can compare notes.

  2. Grace says:

    I’m there with you girl. Let’s make it happen next year.

    I bought Pimatex and Kona from Mary Jo’s Cloth Store, a large emporium near me but I’m about to buy the 30yd bolt of Pimatex (like that much better) from Dharma for my dye party. Bit cheaper per yard there. With shipping I might be coming out the same but there are other things I am ordering as well.

  3. freebird says:

    Those fabrics look wonderful. I don’t know about dying fabric but I am getting itchy fingers thinking about trying to dye some yarn. First I want to try the koolaid dye technique – no respirator mask necessary for that.

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