Stash Quilt Finished

I’ve been told that my “blog needs some loving” (podcast by Alison Stanfield ), that I should pay more attention to it and treat it like a baby.

You know the kind…they pee and poop (on automation) but can’t really do anything for themselves. Why I would take on another child I don’t know but I do enjoy talking to y’all (you’d think I was feeling my southern roots with the “y’all” thing. I don’t have any southern roots in me at all……I’m a tropical lady at heart).

Anywho, I was going good for a while then….poof…….it stopped (I know it really was me that I stopped but I gave this baby life I can give it all the blame too).

So today’s post is called catch up. I’ve been getting ready for my daughter’s 16th birthday party and preparing for the Sheppard tribe (my family) to decend upon my house. Plus I am hosting my annual Dye Party next week and still have a couple of pieces to finish for deadlines that are looming. Okay, that was catch up, now on to the good stuff….ART.

Here’s the lastest pics of one of things that has taken me away from you. I’m still doing the TIF Challenge and did finish my June piece but never posted about it (yes, shame shame you say). If you recall, June was about stashes. I showed the literal pics of my stash and below you’ll find my interpretation of it.

My stash started out real large (the bottom stone) because, if you remember correctly, I went thru my “greedy” phase as if the fabrics manufacturers would run out of fabs at any moment. As I climbed this ever fantastic cairn of stones I’ve created I realize that my stash did not (yes I said “did NOT”) have to be THAT big, especially as I’ve resigned myself to now making smaller pieces. This one is measures 13″ square.

I have not yet reached the peak (come on now……you ever think I’ll have that little bit of fabs that represent the cairn’s peak????). I don’t know that I ever will or, for that matter, want to but I’m getting closer to finding the center, MY center, the comfortable place, the reasonable phase where fabric obsession is not necessary any more. I’d say I’m somewhere between the middle red stone and the gold one.

I am okay with having what just what I need instead of what I think I ought to have.

Have you had a stash redo recently or planning one? Have you made a “stash” piece to represent your “rack of fabs”? Leave a comment and let me know where you are in your stash phase or, for that matter, anything else on your mind.

See you next time “In the Hayloft”,


4 Responses to Stash Quilt Finished

  1. Joyce says:

    Well, what is on my mind….

    I’m catching up on sleep following a trip to my parents home in Ohio. Hard on my body as my first symptom to blow is f a t i g u e! :p

    And catching up on blogs with igoogle and QUITE happy to find an update for an art quilter blog. 🙂

    Then on the stash thoughts…
    I have a stash.
    I don’t dig in my stash enough.
    I would like a better selection in my stash.
    My budget doesn’t add more to my stash.

    I was ‘shocked’ =:O at the thought of “the reasonable phase where fabric obsession is not necessary any more”! >gasp!< NOT necessary? I must grow up and be more like you! :D My dh would like that... Too much of my stash is from the 90’s and not so appealing to me now. *sigh* I think you should have told me to write my own blog and not to comment so much on yours!

  2. Grace says:

    Joyce you crack me up! But do you know how long it took me to come to that conclusion where reason is a part of my thinking towards my stash?

    A long long time. No worries though, you’ll get there too, if you want to that is. hee hee.

  3. Sherryl says:

    When I started to dye my own fabrics I realized that I really no longer need a stash. The only fabrics I have bought in the past year were 2 pieces that others hand dyed and some black and white fat quarters. I am determined to reduce the commercial fabrics I have. BTW, enjoy your new collection… shawls. I love your blog and irreverent sense of humor.

  4. freebird says:

    Oh, I get into the reasonable stage for a stash right after I’ve found a new interest that requires lots of new materials or tools! It seems there is no end to new things to do or buy. Sometimes I want to scream “help me, I’m drowning in art stuff” but then when I need just this item to do just what this project needs and I find it on one of my shelves I am so happy. Part of it is that WalMart is the only store for over 100 miles that carries anything and they carry less and less. I can’t just run to the store (which is a whole other subject for those who want to stash it all).

    I signed up to your feedblitz but it doesn’t let me know each time you’ve posted. It only tells me every two to three posts. Guess I don’t get to be lazy and depend on these tools.

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