July TIF Concept

Sharon says:

“The challenge this month is perhaps a bit obvious but I am going to ask …What is it to be at the half way mark?”

One of the things I’m proud of concerning this TIF challenge is that so far I’ve managed to keep up with it (except for May’s of course which seems to be an ongoing, ever changing thought process on “how to describe myself as an artist”).

I generally tend to finish things I start, mainly because I tend to harangue myself for not getting it done (while still procrastinating about it mind you). So the fact that I am at the halfway mark doesn’t suprise me much. The fact that I am up to date with it is definitely knocking me off my chair (and some of you may know this about me…but love me anyway, hee hee).

Sharon took her concept apart and started thinking about it like this…. “Half” /”Way” /”Mark”. She sees this leading into all sorts of directions.

One of the things that triggers my mind is the word “mark”. I find I’m thinking more and more about mark making in terms of surface design and the workshop with Lyric Kinard I took last month has really brought it to the forefront. Remember I already have a fascination with words since I was a young tot so going in this direction isn’t far off the mark…

……get it?……….off the mark????


Anyway, I’ve already have a piece started where I’m exploring mark making. I started with this dyed piece of fabric (above).

Then I filled a squeeze bottle fitted with a metal tip (easy to find at art/craft stores like Dharma Trading or Dick Blick) with a 50/50 mix of Jaquard black textile paint and textile medium.

…wrote on it a mind map of words related to my thoughts on this piece.

(sample writing at left)

I then tried flour paste resist, painting on it with Dye-Na-Flow paints. I pinned the fabric down to a base layer of white felt (double layer) and, on top of that, a torn section of an old sheet. [This helps keep the table from getting messy and makes a sturdy pressing base for surface design work].

Above you can see the flour resist painted fabric. I did however unpin the fabric to move to a more convenient spot. NO NO!….don’t do that, leave it in position to dry taut, then unpin and scrunch the painted flour paste.

The effect was not exactly successful as you can see. My original idea was not to have the blobs but I think it’s still usable, definitely needs more words.

The dots are drips of paint I dropped on it instead of painting in with a brush (very impatient person that I am, want things done now darn it!). The grayed out area in the center is the ONLY flour paste resist area.

So…….I would say it needs more.

Next, I’ll use either a sheet of dotted computer paper and/or sequin waste to paint over (or under, haven’t decided yet) in another colour.

At right is a smidgen of what I intend to do on this background piece but I’ve been so obsessed with trying out a bit of surface design that I went ahead with it on this one.

I have been carving some stamps and finally got all my supplies in to make some silk screens. More about that later.

What kind of surface design projects are you up to? Have you tried flour past resist? If you have leave a comment and let me in on the tricks for success….please, please.

See ya next time “In the Hayloft”,


2 Responses to July TIF Concept

  1. freebird says:

    I’m taking Sharon B’s encrusted crazy quilt class. I’ve got my square made and one line embroidered. I’ve been out to California visiting family and can’t seem to find time to stitch (plus good lighting for it) but I am looking at different stitches and patterns. I found myself getting excited when I looked at Sharon’s stitch dictionary and found her woven spider webs. I’ve seen them before but not with a seam waiting to be decorated. Suddenly the idea of making abstractly decorated seams sounds appealing over the more evenly laid out patterns so I think I’m going to try it.

    Good luck with your “where is the middle” TIF. I’ll enjoy seeing what you come up with.

  2. Grace says:

    I’ve gone in a different direction with my TIF Challenge and I think it just might work. We’ll see.
    Enjoy your class. I think Sharon B offers a very involved hand stitching class I want to take. So far she hasn’t offered it again.

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