Pandora Painting

Yesterday we had our regular Pandora art group meeting. We decided that we need to have more “play dates” in amongst our regular meetings so, with the new Rayna Gilman book in hand, “Create Your Own Handprinted Cloth”, we went at it. If you have ever wanted to try some”deconstructed” stuff (or for that matter, to take out any latent frustrations) get this book!

Did you know that just letting loose is F-U-N?

I let all inhibitions float out the window and just painted with abandon. I had originally dyed a half yard of fab and then decided to add to it by dyeing again in blobs (who the heck knew why).

Well…….I ended up not liking the second round that much (1st pic) so I put it aside and eventually would have come back to it. I did name this piece “Potcake” after all for a reason.

When we decided to paint and experiment I thought, why not see what the third time will bring. I started by using the brayer to paint stamps then painted the image that I got on the brayer onto the fab. That wasn’t enough!! I then stamped a grid work all over…hand got real messy here…it was soooooo cool.

That wasn’t enough either! HA! So I decided to use some Lumiere Paints, Halo Gold and Pearl Blue. I pulled the seal, with included handle no less, off the dark blue that I had not opened yet and held it in my hands. Mmmh….

I screamed with wild joy cause (brainstorm here) I could use the jar seal as a painting tool (so don’t throw yours away next time, hee hee). So then, what else? How bout some splatter? Bring out the toothbrush. Started to splatter, took too long then just rubbed the brush in the paints and scratched it across the surface. VOILA!!!!

I LOVE IT! Don’t you?

BTW be sure to check out Susan’s post about our painting adventure here.

See ya next time “In the Hayloft”,


6 Responses to Pandora Painting

  1. Rayna says:

    Yes, I love it — now I want to see what you do with it!

    Why didn’t I know you when you lived in Summit? I’m in West Orange, so the next time you are here visiting, let me know in advance.

    Uh – there was something else, but I haven’t had my coffee yet.

  2. Karoda says:

    I’m waiting Rayna’s book from Amazon and am looking forward to playing through it!

    You improved the fabric a ton…gonna add more to it?

  3. freebird says:

    It is beautiful. Much, much improved over version one! Even better, you seemed to have had a lot of fun making it.

  4. Joyce says:

    Yes I love it too!! Love the grid print in it… great variety of images.

  5. Wonderful wonderful! I loved the original fabric (as a green-aholic, I love everything green!) but what you created when you went to town with stamps and paint is incredible! More more more!!

  6. gracehowes says:

    Thanks guys for the comments. I am still wavering btwn 2 ideas for this fabric. But in the meantime, there will be more, more, more…

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