Drive by Photos

Last year as I was driving home I spotted a tree formation that I had not noticed before. The next time I passed by I was ready with camera at hand. I’ve continued to do this, taking quick photos (no focusing or anything of course) and love the pics that come from this way of photographing.

I promised the last bit of pics from our trip this past weekend. It’s a great way to document a ride that might otherwise be….(dare I say it)……boring. So here goes. Anything is fair game.

Fancy Gap

This first one is a pic of Fancy Gap, that awe inspiring view btwn NC and VA that I actually caught this time, thanks to insistence by the husband. Usually when we travel along here I’m crouching down in the chair, hands over my eyes cause I can’t stand see the drop over the side.

Bikers We Be

Next, we followed behind these guys for-ever! But they were cool cause they were booking it just as we were. (oh no, don’t call the cops on us). At one point they did some sort of sign language only bikers could understand and then they split and rode off separately. I couldn’t get over that the guy on the right had his feet sticking up for most of the time were watching them. Wouldn’t that be uncomfortable after a while??

Big Wheels Keep on Turning

As you know when you travel the highways and bi-ways of the American road you will encounter the large behemouth trucks. Coming from the Bahamas (Grand Bahama to be exact) where it only takes 5 minutes to get anywhere, there’s no need for them. This was a new site for me to get used to when we first moved here umpteen years ago. They’ve now become muses for my camera.

Runaway Trucks?? Oh my!

The next is a pic of the “runaway truck ramp” (that tan dirt area in the background of the pic) that you find every so often along the highway. For the longest time I wondered how/why/what… until I saw a truck (a while ago now) needing to use it. It’s scary to think that it works and the truck didn’t topple over (it’s got large built up ramps of firm dirt along its path). But it worked thank goodness.

In a Blur

This green blurb is a shot of the trees/bushes at the side of the highway traveling 70-ish (yeh right, hubby was driving). I think it’s so way cool. I’m gonna have to do something with this one but don’t know just yet.


And I couldn’t finish without a pic of the beautiful sky we had (love to take these)…..just before we encountered a really bad thunderstorm. Look at the blues in there! One of these days I’m gonna dye a piece just like that.

Thanks for coming on my adventure on the highway. Hope you enjoyed the view.

See ya next time “In the Hayloft”,

3 Responses to Drive by Photos

  1. freebird says:

    I did enjoy your pics. While I was out in Calif. this summer I took some pics on the freeway too only I was driving! Not as dangerous as it sounds as I was stuck in 10-15mph traffic with lots of 0mph too. The digital cameras are so wonderful for this as you just aim in some direction and shoot hoping some pics will turn out yet not worrying about it since we no longer pay for the film and developing. I can see you taking that blurred pic of trees and turning it into dyed fabric with some fabric painting detail to finish as a picture – maybe the centerpiece of a quilt. What are your ideas?

  2. Judy says:

    Actually that runaway ramp only “looks” firm,it’s really a soft sandy consistency underneath that just buries the runaway in it and stops it from drifting backwards back onto the highway. And yes, I’m so glad I never had to use one when I was driving!

    Oh and enjoy the “move” and “redecorating”!!

  3. gracehowes says:

    I would love to do a screen print but there are not enough hard lines in it so I think I’ll do a colour interpretation and go from there.
    But that is definitely for later, lotta deadlines coming up that have to be fulfilled first.

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