Best Day Ever

I haven’t a thing to post about art….actually that’s not exactly true, it’s just not my art.

So a bit about today. I promised my son a trip to the new art store, Cheap Joes, so he could have a look see. He loves to draw and is working on his 5th sketchbook right now (I think he loves getting new paper like his Mum more though).

When we get to the store he walks around the whole place in awe then gets down to the task of finding the things he really wants me to buy for him. Whilst he’s doing that I stock up on a couple more Lumiere paints and some more pads for carving new designs for stamps (actually have a demo coming up next month that I’m getting ready for).

About 15 minutes later he comes to find me to show me all sorts of things. He NEEDS new Sharpie markers, but not the regular kind…..nooooooo, he’d rather have the retractable ones instead, “pleeeeease Mummy” he pleads. So three of those make it into the basket. He takes me throughout the store like this, dragging meby the hand, a bit like leading a lamb to the wolves cause I know those wolves are eyeing my wallet.

I finally had to put my foot down when he shows me the new markers he also NEEDS, all in shades of grey (huh?) at a whopping $30 for 10. Uh uh….no way hosea! But I convince him that he is happy with his purchases ($45 later) and he walks to the car smiling.

On the way home he starts his regular talking and talking and talking and breaks in to say to me “Mummy that was the best day ever, THANK YOU for my new…..and then he spiels off into the regular talk that permeates our drive home. So much for listening to the radio.

See ya next time, “In the Hayloft”,

4 Responses to Best Day Ever

  1. How old is your son, the artist? Sounds like he is really into his drawing and what artist, let alone male, isn’t into tools? Shades of gray sounds like a great present for Christmas time (I would buy my kids something they wanted but was too expensive for what it was for special gift days – if they even remembered it later). I’m taking online art drawing classes with my 11 year old granddaughter to try to boost her interest – she loves drawing but didn’t think classes could teach her anything! Oh, the surety of childhood.

  2. Joyce says:

    Oh what fun!! I wanna go there with you. I’ll pay my bill… if you insist!

    My dd lives oh-so-near to Blicks and I love going there. Not so big in my mind but …yum! My last visit there I got paintsticks and the lino blocks to carve. 🙂

  3. gracehowes says:

    Oh to be close to all the stores we like to shop in. Over this way we have Mary Jo’s where you can find any kind of fabric, trim and such. She’s had bus loads coming to visit her store regularly for the last 50 yrs. And now she’s online.

  4. What a lovely day! I also have an artsy 11 yr old son– he likes to make up cartoons and animation characters. I think he’d like the $$ grey markers– for shading the scary bits, you know!

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