100th Post!

Today is my 100th post. Who’da thunk it that I, Grace Howes, would have so much to say, far less write about?

It has been a wonderful 100 posts so far and I have to say I really love this format of writing. I had always wanted to keep a journal but always found the task of sitting down and manually writing words tedious to say the least. I have a few journals, scattered here and there, intermittently filled with writing but nothing as consistent as this has been for me.

Writing on a blog I find so very cool. Not only to do I get to tell about my artwork, show pictures of finished (and sometimes unfinished) pieces and reveal bits about my life but I also get to keep in touch with some wonderful people who I’ve only met in cyberspace.  Sometimes technology gets it right!

If you’ve reached your 100th post what did you do to celebrate?

if you haven’t gotten that far yet, what do you look forward to when you do reach this mark?

And if you haven’t yet started a blog…….what the heck are ya waiting for…join the revolution already!


6 Responses to 100th Post!

  1. I’m don’t do very well keeping track of details so my 100th post went by without me noticing but I celebrated my one year blogiversary by having a tea party.

    Like you, I was never able to keep up a journal until I found the blogs. Writing to “Dear Diary” didn’t cut it for me. Sharing my art and life does and that’s what my blog is and it seems like what yours is. I think it feels less self-important than a private journal plus we tend to keep it positive rather than rant and rave about the wrongs of life people tend to write in private journals. The atmosphere is so different online. We make cyberspace friends and I’ve had some people laugh at me for saying that but I feel it’s true. Does every blogger friend become our best bosom buddie? No. But that doesn’t mean they aren’t real and aren’t friends.

    Besides, it is cool! Right on.

  2. yetunde says:

    girl, you know you are loved by so many people.
    so just keep on doing what you doing.


  3. gracehowes says:

    That’s my thoughts exactly. I have never been one to dwell on the negative so a journal where I poured out all the wrongs done to me was just not my cup of tea. And you are right, writing blogs you get to “meet” people who’s path you might never have crossed.
    I did however keep a gratitude journal one year and that has been one of the best things I could have done…even though that year was a hard one. Guess I’m just a glass half-full kinda gal!

  4. Hubby says:

    Congrats Booby!!!!! 100 hundred eh?…..always knew you were older than me!

  5. Susan says:

    I think my 100th post has passed me by without my even noticing!

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