Here’s where my head is today…these last few weeks in fact.

Given the chance, that place inside will speak to each of us.” Mark Nepo

For the last few weeks I’ve been going thru a metamorphosis of sorts. I must be working toward that artistic ideal I so frequently seek….to do artwork that has meaning, has substance, calls into play the details of what I’m trying to express, technically, aesthetically and spiritually  and brings forth excellence….not perfection, just my excellence to create a piece that is my inner voice.

Nancy’s presentation last night has me thinking….thinking that I need to work more completely. I struggle sometimes getting what is in my mind’s eye, into a textile piece that conveys it’s meaning clearly and succinctly. So I’ve decided to go back to working with my sketchbook more often to hash out the details; the whys, the hows.

Lately, I start on a piece of artwork and then, at a certain point, stop. And because my message has not been fully sounded out beforehand, I am at a loss as to which direction to take. I am trying out new techniques with surface design and embellishments all the time so my repertoire of available techniques is always growing but which ones to use, when, and how is an ongoing issue of late.

So…I am waiting for that place inside to speak to me again. She has gotten me to this point so far and I know she will take me further. But in the meantime I trudge along, making the pieces that appeal to my eyes for now…and my soul again….soon.

See ya next time “In the Hayloft”,

2 Responses to Ponderings

  1. That’s a really great quote. It seems so true that while we are fussing on a project we have difficulty and if we stop and take a breather it seems to start flowing again.

    My suggestion for your starting and then stopping is to maybe do some playing in a different area than you usually go. Use some colors you don’t like or stay away from fabrics for a project or learn something you haven’t tried yet. Sometimes that helps me come back to what I love with fresh ideas and enthusiasm plus a different perspective. I think it’s great you are moving on to putting more of your whole being into your pieces. I think that is what separates the casual crafter (note, casual -serious crafters are a different story) from artists. I think you are already an artist and that’s why you find yourself with times of stretching and growing. Good luck, relax and I can’t wait to see where this leads you.

  2. gracehowes says:

    Thanks Timaree, your words help.

    I’ve decided to jump start things by working from a book I purchased a few weeks ago called “Finding Your Own Visual Language”. Hopefully will get to post some of the exercises I’m working on. One of the authors is Jane Dunnewold from Texas. I’d love to take a week long wkshop from her someday.

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