Robbie Joy Eklow

I have to tell you that to take a class (or hear a lecture) frrom Robbie Joy Eklow is to just have some plain good fun!

Robbie visited our guild (Charlotte Quilter’s Guild) last Wednesday and did 2 workshops for us on Thurs and Sat; her famous fusing technique from her book and a machine quilting class. She is very very down to earth and so easy to talk to AND…she is extremely funny.

Robbie regaled us with stories of her family and her varied adventures in the quilting world. She had tips galore to make the processes work much better and her quilting class was so invaluable.

Now don’t get me wrong…..Robbie is a true professional but she makes taking a class and learning from her soooooooo easy and effortless it’s like playing hookie with a favorite friends for a day of quilting, quilting, quilting.

Who could want more than that?

I have to tell you that I have been fascinated with Robbie’s technique for her puzzle quilts using fusible ever since I purchased her book a few years ago. Seeing it demonstrated  is even better than reading it….but we all know that. Once you get the technique everything falls into place. But I must confess (it supposedly is good for the soul ya know), on Thursday at the end of the workshop I had only one layer of one cog done. I held that up for all to see….I was so proud…everyone else was as well.

What you don’t know is that the pattern has four different cogs with each one having 3-5 layers. Okay….so it took a while to sink in ……or better yet it took a while to sink in because we were laughing so much we couldn’t get our work done.

I am happy to say that I completed the pattern on Sunday…or at least the part of the pattern I chose to do. I used some of my hand dyes (which you can purchase at  and, frankly, I think it came out great.

Love the boldness of colours against the black background and the play of light and dark that I achieved. I need to quilt the finished piece but will definitely use Robbie’s technique of fusible binding. She demonstrates it on pg 70 in her book Free Expressions. Check it out.

Thanks Robbie for a most enjoyable 3 days!

See ya next time “In the Hayloft”,

8 Responses to Robbie Joy Eklow

  1. karoda says:

    I bet with that many layers the quilt has a lot of body and hangs well.

    I’m receiving error messages via wordpress when I attempt to go to the other blog for your fabric.

  2. gracehowes says:

    The quilt is only about 16″x 19″ and does not feel stiff at all. The layers don’t start from the black and move forward….the overlap is only about 1/4″ on any one cog and the background except for the lime green petals.

    About my fabs blog, will investigate and see what I come up with. Sorry bout that.

  3. gracehowes says:

    Fixed it! Thanks for the heads up Karoda.

  4. Michele says:

    I love it! And I’m glad you worked on it. So are you making another on Friday with me? Did you send Robbi a link? You should, she would like to see it.

  5. Christine says:

    You finished it!! It looks great! I am so jealous!! I have not idea when I will get back to mine….:)

  6. gracehowes says:

    I was determined to finish this project by hook or by crook (never have for a workshop project before).

    I already sent Robbie a link to the posting to let her know I’m talking bout her….all good things too.

    See you Friday Michele.

  7. I too, have this book… and I love it!! Your quilt is just gorgeous… Nice work and great blog. Lx

  8. gracehowes says:

    Wait till you take a class with her! Thanks for taking a peek at my blog Lee-Anne.

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