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I took a hiatus off from website duties this summer (I know, I know naughty girl…remember your marketing right?) but you all know, when the kids are home during the summer it’s really hard to keep to any schedule. To write code (or pretend to with a WYSIWYG editor) would take too much time……lots and lots of free umpteen-hours long time.

So I was a good artist and scheduled it for this month….today in fact. Ready to take on the goobly gook of web speak and get right down to it I opened the program.

You know that a keg in the wheel is coming don’t you? Let me catch you up.

Earlier this year I didn’t have 800 or so dollars to buy DreamWeaver so I chose instead to be a guinea pig and go with a free trial version of Microsoft’s Expression Web.  Ooooh…..I liked it…..a lot. Now, remember please that I do not claim to be a web designer but I don’t think I did too bad with what I came up with for my website (….and yes, it still needs work……but in due time people!
So back to today….

I am ready to get my head back into head-wringing web design but……….(here it comes)……..

the trial version has expired! $#@$%^$$!….I CANNOT work on my website,

I am doomed! I’m sure that I could have gotten a discounted rate to purchase the program had I remembered the expiration date.


So now I am having to cough up the big bucks……YIKES!……. to purchase the software outright. I have to do it. It’s about the marketing, getting my name out there and keeping an updated web presence.

So the moral of the story is….in the summer, tell the kids to ‘GO READ A BOOK TODAY”….Mummy is busy!
See ya next time “In the Hayloft”,


One Response to RedBarn-Studios Website

  1. That’s a real bummer. Time passes so quickly and when kids with vacation are thrown in the mix it’s inevitable something will happen but to have to pay the big bucks- bummer!

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