Getting Things Done

So I’m reading this book about the art of stress-free productivity. It’s my newest with-me-all-the-time-just-so-I-can-finish-it book. It’s not a new book (© 2001) but its concept is new to me. Well…not really…the concept is not new, the strategy to implement is.

David Allen’s book “Getting Things Done” is not one of those voraciously read books that you just can’t put down nor is it an extremely boring book that you have to prop your eyes open….it’s a needed book especially at this time period in my life. How to get things done and live to tell about it.


Today All I did was read a certain phrase in the book and the penny sorta dropped, you know….one of those few light bulb moments that catch you off guard.

There I was, sat in my hairstylist’s chair, reading (and waiting of course), listening to conversations (you know the one’s where you find yourself straining to hear the juicy bits just as they start talking sotto voce) when I reread the phase “thinking in a concentrated manner” for the 3rd time.

So what Mr. Allen is saying is I have to work at it to get my things done, really work at it in a determined way but I also have clarify the end result I seek.

Now why that was so revelatory I don’t know but it hit me….like a V-8 thunk on the side of the head……all the time during my waking moments, things constantly pop into my head all day long about all the items on my to-do list but all it is, in the end, is just that…..A TO-DO LIST.

Action Activity

There apparently is no action activities that go with my list, an action that would help get the darned things OFF my to-do list. In other words….what action will I do next to move the to-do item further down on the list and then onto the completed accomplishments list?

A-HA you say….so that’s the ticket! DO what I say I’m gonna do. I know what you’re thinking, it can’t be that simple, and I’m only on page 15. What can take 243 more pages to explain????

Well according the table of contents you have to read up on the “Five Stages of Mastering Workflow”. I like that….mastering work flow…. cause we all know work can take over all things, our lives most of all. As I master life’s daily (weekly, monthly, never-ending) tasks I’ll try to keep you abreast of how I’m doing.

Don’t ask….cause then I’ll feel the pressure and it’ll set me back and who knows where I’d end up then. So…..

See ya next time “In the Hayloft”,

2 Responses to Getting Things Done

  1. Skip the to-do list for me. I only have to keep in check one single item in order to get more done- the internet. Blogging specifically. Mmmm, well, uh, maybe next week!

  2. Rhonda says:

    I stopped the to-do list, retired and now I’m working on the I’ll think about doing that tomorrow. I’m into relax, relate, release theory. Seriously, I get things done but I don’t worry about getting to the bottom of my list. It’ll be there tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow. Take care of youself.

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