Interesting Image

A Little Backtracking.

You know I am ALL about the dyed fabric now…….can’t get enough of it (and feel sad that I might not be able to continue when the temp changes in a few weeks).

One of the things that is recommended by workshop instructors, among others, is to find out what iconic images inspires you. There are certain images I gravitate towards, those that hold meaning with me in my work and personal life.

A few of the ones that I find resonate with me are:

  • leaves (especially falling leaves in Autumn)
  • the sun (in all its powerful strength)
  • circles and swirls
  • mandalas (its meditative  and healing qualities)
  • the word “goddess”. Not in the sense of worshipping per se but really more about it having to do with a woman’s inner soul and well-being AND treating ourselves and other women as the goddesses we are.

The Point of My Rambling

A little while ago I dyed a piece of fabric using Golden Yellow dye powder. I absolutely love the colour it produces and, can you wonder why….it’s the wondrous and beautiful colour of the sun.

When I opened the fabric to iron it I found this:

Goddess Fab

Goddess Fab

Isn’t it amazing? I don’t know how I did it or what kind of folds in the fabric produced the “goddess” face but I certainly wouldn’t mind duplicating it.

You all know that I have to find THE piece to put this in. It has to be used whole (would be blasphemous to cut it up don’t you think) and I’m determined it will just sit in my dyed stash till then.

See ya next time, “In the Hayloft”,


One Response to Interesting Image

  1. So dyes sometimes produce secondary colors? This face sure would be a surprise. Would love to see how you end up showing it off.

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