Creative Art Journey

Remember me talking about an art book I had recently bought , Kelly Rae’s “Taking Flight“? Well I so thoroughly enjoyed the book that when I saw that a group had been formed from it I had to join. So when Laura from the takingflight group asked us to share our “Creative Art Journey” and also posed some questions to help us along I felt compelled to respond.

Some of the questions she asked were:

How long have you been creating art?     What & where do you like to create?     How do you get your inspiration?     What are your favorite themes?   What are your creative goals?     Share anything else about your Creative Art Soul.

What truly resonated with me was the use of the word “SOUL” because I truly believe that’s where my art comes from….my creative soul. So here is my response:

creative-soul-journeyMy Creative Art Soul is always a work in progress. I started off with quilting (15 yrs now) that then evolved into art quilts (and pattern designing) and that has now evolved into mixed media, hence me finding (and loving) Kelly Rae’s book.

When I get stuck in my creative journey I like to visit new blogs (I regularly read about 50) and get inspiration from a new technique or the way a particular colour is used or the way an image (or artwork)
resonates with me.

My latest muse is using artists canvas to make my new mixed media art pieces. I love the serendipity of what can be done with these little gems. Just like my art quilts I work in a mosly abstract manner but I do have favorite images I like to use in mixed media pieces.

These last 2 years I have dubbed the “year of me” to find out what I like to do, what I want to do and to see where my art takes me. I love creating new pieces whether in fabric or paper. A long time passion of mine however, is to find a way to inspire other women to find their creative soul. Wish me luck in my journey…..the same I do for you.

So now you have it, a little about my creative art journey. Where is your journey taking you?

See ya next time, “In the Hayloft”,


2 Responses to Creative Art Journey

  1. Timaree says:

    It’s taking me to carpal tunnel syndrome! No, really I find myself doing more drawing and trying poetry seriously for the first time. I still love my beads, can’t quite get rid of my fabrics and yarns, and still want to learn to paint with both acrylics and watercolors. It seems like we move forward into something new for us but it settles down into a blend eventually of the old coming back to meld with the new. I think what touched our soul stays with us; it can grow to include so many things we have yet to learn and that is when we really start to use our creative voice to say what our soul yearns to share.

    I didn’t buy that book yet. Perhaps I should.

  2. gracehowes says:

    I think you should….it’ll take you on an interesting journey as you answer the questions.

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