Tim Holtz

Some people bar hop.

I blog hop. After I catch up on posts from my regulars, and I have some spare time, I randomly choose a blog from someone’s sidebar and I’m off and running. That’s how I discovered Tim’s blog…..Tim Holtz that is.You have to go over and see the beautiful work he is is creating.

Now I have to tell you, he isn’t a fiber artist who works with fabric, his medium of choice is paper. Apparently last year he created some bea-yu-ti-full Christmas tags and included all the steps for each technique on his blog (see link above).

And he’s doing it again this year, making gorgeous tags. Not only that but he’s giving away some of his products when you leave a comment  on his blog…..if you happen to be the winner for the day that is.


Aren’t these tags gorgeous. Wouldn’t they look great  on a gift you give this year?

I love using his products, only I didn’t know that I was using them – like Distress Ink pads ( I so see more of them in my future), Alcohol Inks and the oh-so-cool grundgeboard that Sue Bleiweiss used on one of her art journals. (when there scroll down to the 3rd item on the left).

Now I know you must be thinking…what the heck does this have to do with fiber arts? Well if you are into texture and  surface design  and you love paper like I do then his products and creative ideas will fit in well in with your work to.

See ya next time “In the Hayloft”,

2 Responses to Tim Holtz

  1. karoda says:

    We must have blog hopped from the same blog…I rediscovered tim Holtz’s blog a few days ago and was wowed by his use of stamps. I tend to stay away from commercial stamps because I’m at a loss for making them look unique…but I guess if I worked on-going with collage/mixed media I could develop my own layouts better.

    I almost thought I was at the wrong blog when I opened yours…you changed your plate.

  2. gracehowes says:

    I did seem to collect a few commercial stamps but I’m favoring my own, especially the images I seem to want to use more and more in my work.

    And yes, I had to go back to the black background now that wordpress has updated its dashboard. There is just something about how colours pop against black that I love.

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