Logan, our lovable pooch

This is Logan, our dog. We got him almost a year ago and he is now so very much a  part of our family. I took these pics over the weekend and had to post. He’s a really good looking fella, dontcha think?


Now c’mon tell me….can you say no to this face?


He’s such a good dog……….well, except for the truly bad case of separation anxiety he has and the destroying chewing  he has done in order not  to not be confined.

Here’s a pic of Logan’s particular type of ARTwork he’s been creating around the house.


Told ya he hates confinement. We have 2 thresholds that look like this. Needless to say we’ll be changing the carpets at some point down the road but for now there’s just lovable…

L O G A N!

See yanext time “in the Hayloft,

6 Responses to Logan, our lovable pooch

  1. Judy says:

    He truly is a sweet baby!!! Even with his quirks. ;>)

  2. Timaree says:

    Aw, what a sweet face. I love dogs. Our big dog Sarah also has that anxiety so she stays outside when we head to town. She has covered porches on the rare occasion it might rain and she loves the outdoors. My husband came home once (I was visiting family in Calif.) from town to find the venetian blinds on all the windows had been torn down. He was ready to get rid of her as he only wanted her for an outside dog to begin with (it didn’t matter to him at the time that I said I didn’t believe in outdoor dogs). Well, we have kept her and I love her lots. She is such a sweet dog – just so big that every thing she does is done in a big way! I hope your dog gets used to being left – do you play music for her? Sometimes that helps or playing a tape with family voices can I’ve heard. I have also heard that the damage usually occurs within the first 10 minutes or so of you being gone but don’t know if that’s true but if so a tape might help.

  3. Hubby says:

    Hey! How about posting some adorable photos of your cute hubby?

  4. jmquilts says:

    Oh that face!! You have to love it!!

    As for the carpet… oh my!! Yikes!! I guess you can’t go away anymore? 😉

  5. Nacy says:

    Have you tried those hard rubber toys? I think they are called Kong. There’s an opening to put peanut butter in. They’re suppose keep the dog busy for awhile. Do you have toys for him? ideally, a long walk or run before you go out (who has time for that).

  6. gracehowes says:

    Thanks for the advice Nacy but when he’s in the middle of an anxiety attack NO amount of peanut butter in a Kong ball (which he has) will dissuade him from his mission of getting out and getting back to one of us.

    He’s walked and fed and loved but just can’t stand being on his own. Believe it or not “on his own” even means just being 5 ft away from us…he really prefers to be “up” our butts instead…..and I’m not joking about being that close. Thanks though.

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