BookMark Notebooks

When I read a book (I’m still into historical English fiction) I inevitably run across some obscure never-heard-of-word I have no clue what the meaning is. Same when I read some of my art books, there’s usually notes I need to make to try to remember a technique or idea for when I need it later as I’m working.

I decided to use my friends as guinea pigs again and give them these little bookmark notebooks, embellished with their initials of course, as small gifts this year (yes I know I am really into the paper thing right now…bear with me okay). Each is  filled with 3 strips of folded paper stitched into a small signature and are 1 1/2″ wide….enough room to write almost anything.

Here are the first batch I came up with. Real cool little gift huh!


Funny story, I was in the bookstore and started talking with a lady next to me in the craft books section and told her about my little book marks (hey Ellen if you’re reading this). She was looking for an idea for a small gift she could give to the people she’s helping and this idea really sunk in with her. Glad I could help and hope they love them too.

I can’t wait to make more of these especially since when you cut paper for journals you end up with leftover strips that would be perfect for this.  No waste here and great way to recycle the extra bits.

BTW, today is my brother’s birthday…the one who was the bane of my existence…back then that is. Today my younger bro is “Cool Uncle Andy” to my kids and the one who we all look to for some sane reality…..when he’ not acting the fool that is (wouldn’t you say Gar?)

Happy Birthday Bro!

See ya next time “In the Hayloft”,

4 Responses to BookMark Notebooks

  1. Karoda says:

    how cool! i try to write down lines that strike me in some extraordinary clever way. i’m gonna give these a try or two…what type of paper is on the inside?

  2. gracehowes says:

    I use paper that weighs 28 or 30lbs instead of the regular 20lb paper copy that we all use but that’s because it’s the leftover from my journals where I need to use the really good stuff.

    I would just suggest using the regular copy paper if I were you especially if you only want to make the bookmark notebooks.

    Karoda, these are so very easy to make. Definitely try it.

  3. Grace – just discovered your blog thru you post on the yahoo group – love, love, love your bookmark idea – it is unique and clever – and my Creative Life Coaching hat is on – (forgive me) I think this is a very – okay VERY – salable item – rather than wish your bookstore lady is listening why not pitch the idea to her and other bookstores and sell them – and don’t undersell yourself with price – feel free to e-mail me privately to discuss ( – I think you’re onto something here – okay – taking off my coaching hat – Happy holidays – Reva (Los Angeles)

  4. gracehowes says:

    Thanks Reva…need to consider this by they sound of it.

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