Carving Stamps

I love to carve my own rubber stamps.  I have some great commercial stamps in my stamp drawer but it’s so very cool to be able to draw something, carve it and stamp right away with it. I have a small notebook full of ideas for stamps to carve.

In a much earlier post I wrote about how much I love learning new words (has been a favorite pastime of mine since I was a young girl but heck if I can explain it). Well now I carve words.  The last few stamps I’ve carved have been words that have an impact or significant meaning to me and others.

stamp-journey stamp-be-art

Remember this journal I made earlier this year? First I stamped the word with foil adhesive onto my jounal then ironed gold foil onto the word.

breathe stamp-breathe

This next stamp I just finished carving over the holidays so I have yet to use it but love the idea behind it. There’s much you can do with that one.


Another word that’s caught my eye is ” FRAGILE”  but for this one I need to find the fight font to use to denote the meaning of the word.

I have now decided I want to carve my own alphabet so I am looking for the right font with a mix of caps and lower case letters. I keep looking at the commercial alphabet sets but have yet to find one that resonates with me.

Here’s a mission for you, what other words should I carve to use in my art? Let me here your ideas.

See ya next time “In the Hayloft”,


6 Responses to Carving Stamps

  1. Donk! That’s me, clonking myself in the forehead! What a beautiful idea, to carve your own words, your own alphabet! I love how very personal you are making your art. Thank you for the inspiration. I just carved my first stamp with a friend who is, herself, stamp-addicted (her own stamps, of course!). I had a great time, but had put the technique on the back burner. Guess I’ll take one of the coupons and go get some stamp making supplies….
    Can’t wait to see more of your words!

  2. liz says:

    my favorite word–believe

  3. Kristin says:

    words that are fun to swirl on the tongue or in the imagination:

  4. gracehowes says:

    Ooh…BLOOM…sounds like my kinda word Kristen.

    Liz, your fav word is the one I like to tell my kids…BELIEVE that you can!

    Uh oh Susan….I have to warn you that stamp carving can get addictive.

  5. Kate says:

    I have always wanted to try carving my own stamps but have yet to try. Not sure where /how.. but love the idea of making your own alphabet. I have a few quilt ideas that I really want to make my own words for…


  6. gracehowes says:

    Oh my goodness….another word I might have to make…JOY…thanks Kate!

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