Photo Journal

Here’s another journal I made for my very good friend and neighbor who is a budding photographer.


Below you can see that it is made with two separate covers like an album instead of a one piece cover. There are 12 photo sheets (enough for 24 pics) and one signature filled with drawing and watercolor paper.


I needed to give her a boost so I put a pic of her in the front of the journal album with these words: I Believe In You….cause I know that she will succeed.


The juicy bit in this is I got to use my Crop-a-Dile II Big Bite eyelet and grommet setter. Most setting tools are single manual tools that you hit with a “specialized” hammer. Been there…Done that! This BIG baby (and I am not kidding bout the big part) is cool because it can set an eyelet that can be as much as 6 inches away from an edge. It is a scrapbooking tool but hey….we also took the pizza cutter, changed the name to rotary cutter and made it ours right? So what else is new?


See ya next time “In the Hayloft”,

One Response to Photo Journal

  1. Kelly says:

    You are such a special person and i THANK YOU for BELIEVING in me …

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