Stamp Carving Workshop

A few months ago I was one of 4 who volunteered to do a demo for my local quilt guild. That night the guild (about 45 members) was divided into groups, with each group traveling to different demo tables. Each person doing a demo had about 6 or 7 minutes to talk really, really fast about their technique so there was only so much I could demonstrate.

Well….a few of them wanted MORE!  The Graybarn Girls (isn’t that a cool name)  invited me to come to one of their meeting to do a more advanced workshop with them, this Saturday, the 17th as a matter of fact. I was so excited.  Stamp carving is fairly easy to do once you get the hang of it and know the tips for clean carving.

This year I intend (my word for the year remember?) to teach more workshops and have been working on a couple of new workshops that I will be offering but more on that in a later post. To that end, I’ve created a stamp carving workshop called ” Creating Personal Imagery Through Stamp Carving“. I feel that working with images that have personal meaning to you makes your artwork more meaningful.

So with the girls,we will be exploring a little bit more about the images that connect with us and hopefully carving a of few of these images for use later in the workshop project, an imagery journal.

Imagery Book

If you and your group are interested in learning how to carve stamps consider booking me for a workshop  I would love to help you along in your art journey. (BTW, I don’t mind traveling but airfare is up to you…smile).

BTW, remember I said I wanted to carve my very own alphabet…take a look below at these before and after shots.

alphabet-stamps After

I have a file full of ideas for new stamps. Now I’m certainly not into insects but one image that resonates with me are dragonflies. Usually when I use them in my work they represent a transformation to me. I’ve long had an idea for a dragonfly stamp….but I’m keeping it to myself a little while longer.

See ya next time “in the Hayloft”,

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