A Special Post for Liz

I love to collect all sorts……there really is no rhyme or reason anymore to my collecting.

I take that back……there is one exception……it was the time I went thru the black and white cow thing…..everybody and his uncle and his mama decided to get me a black and white cow, so I have some strange cow related household items that I’ve……put away……for a very long time.

Needless to say I no longer collect black and white cows (ix nay on cow teapot, sugar bowl and creamer….thank goodness). I now just pick up what catches my eye.

So the other day I was in World Market picking up hubby’s digestive biscuits; plain, milk chocolate and dark chocolate, a veddy, veddy English indulgence (and glad now that we have a local source for them) and ya know….you just can’t help whilst you’re there to look around.

I mean really! Step in and out of that store without taking a look-see? PUH LEESE!

So there I am nosing around my favorite part of the store…the KITCHEN aisles (all right already…I know I don’t like to cook but a girl can look can’t she?).

Anyway I’m a-nosing around and I happen upon these cute little spice jars and I stopped…….and stared….and my mind gets-a-going thinking….. how I can use these little gems……mmmmh?


A friend told me about how she uses her spice jars…but only after the spices are gone…and I think to myself why wait for the different spice smells to disappear besides, I would sniffle every time I opened the darned jars.

These jars come in a set of 4 so I bought 3 sets….that’s 12 spice jars for the price of $3.99 a set.


And here’s the jolt of colour in my studio that I am so excited by.


My Bead Collection!

…some of you will note that I have gone back to the bead soup way of organizing them, What a colour feast for the eyes!!!

bead-jars3 bead-jars2

…and you want to know the best thing about them……………I can shake them out in the extra large holes at the top of the screw top lid. How darned cool is that!!!!!

bead-jars6 Girl….is….. happy.

It’s the small things that get us to that state of  mind.

See Liz….this one’s for you! Happy Reading.

See ya next time, “In the Hayloft”

4 Responses to A Special Post for Liz

  1. jmquilts says:

    Oooooh! That would make me so happy too! I love to wander World Market… and the kitchen aisles… and I don’t like to cook! 🙂

    Do you have a pretty shelf for these beautiful new jars?


  2. liz says:

    I feel soooo special. You have brought a huge smile to my face!! How are you going to display your beautiful jars. I feel that everyone should have beautiful items in their “studio” to help with motivation. I’m glad that I checked your blog today. You have a wonderfully creative mind.

  3. sudukc says:

    I will be heading to my World Market this week-end. It is right down the street from my framer…so I can just tell hubby I was in the neighborhood. Joy of Joys

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