Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow

You know, when you live in the south, especially the Charlotte area, you hardly get any snow. Let me put it this way…..we don’t usually count in inches, more like centimeters.

But when that little bit does comes down the county practically shuts down and the shelves are bare because there is a run on bread and milk (????).

Last night as we were all sitting at the table eating dinner I looked out and saw the snow was coming down gently.


About a half hour later we went to take a look outside and found 2″ of snow…..already…the kind that sticks. Off the kids when to put on shoes and coats and they frolicked in the snow for a little bit, with the dog having a good run around, romping in the fresh white stuff that he just had to eat as well.

As I’m standing there I hear in the distance thunder…..What (you say?)…….Yes….I heard thunder…..thunder in the middle of a snowfall. I’d never ever experienced this. I learned later that what we heard was “thunder snow”.  Who knew?

Needless to say….the county shut down the schools today so the kids took the dog on a long walk and when he came back this was all he could do……


Snow Day Pics


Greeting card perfection….


Isn’t this gorgeous with the sun peaking thru above?

snow-day2Snow beginning to melt…boo hoo

See ya next time “In the Hayloft”,


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