It Takes A Village

remi-and-grace-at-deliveryOn Saturday I delivered my quilt “It Takes A Village”  to Remi for the Deltas of Charlotte’s Silent Auction.

I met Remi in Borders bookstore and handed over the quilt…..sad to see it go but wonderful that I could participate in this event.

In the end I decided to quilt very little on it because I wanted to let the simple shapes of the people take center stage.

I quilted in the ditch around the people, stitched grass like reeds at the bottom and swirls in the sky above the mountains.


I also decided to include my signature on the front of the quilt. I was told that we quilt artists should treat our work just like the fine art you find in galleries and signing the front of our work adds to this concept.


I had thought to mount the piece on a slightly undersized canvas but instead decided to put a sleeve on it. I also included a slat board and directions for caring for the quilt as well. This was my first official “commissioned” piece and it’s amazing the things that one has to consider before handing one over.

The auction takes place May 30th and I hope to attend.

See ya next time “Int the Hayloft”,


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  1. […] end, last month I created a piece for the Deltas of Charlotte’s Silent Auction called “It Takes a Village“. I also knew I wanted to put a few pieces in Collage Mania this year as this is the last […]

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