And A Good Time Was Had By All

This past weekend I went away on a a long overdue quilt retreat with some ladies from my guild, the Lake Norman Quilters. Joyce of heArts Desire Retreats arranged the whole thing for us.

There were 13 of us (including Joyce) and we had the whole place to ourselves. The facility, located just outside of Boone, sleeps 13 people with with all but 2 having a separate twin bed (2 get to share a double bed in a cozy loft).

Michele and I arrived Friday midday just in time for lunch. We dropped our cases, picked a spot to sew and got right down to business.

Michele started working on her new fairy doll and got most of her finished with clothes except for the embellishments and the panties…who knew fairies wore panties?????

We worked on all sorts of projects from quilts to bags to dolls to paper. Check out some of these pics….

Mary Jo helping Cheryl

Cheryl & Mary Jo


some show 'n tell off camera range

some show 'n tell out of camera range


Jean's newly carved stamps

Jean's newly carved stamps


Liz working on a big 'un

Liz working on a big 'un


There was lots of singing and dancing in between sewing. Here’s Joyce and Jean letting the music take them…..




We laughed and joked and chatted and then some. Because it rained a dribbling cold rain the whole time we were there, we didn’t even venture outside the whole weekend.

Some us us even took a snooze cause we were working so hard at play.



And here are all of us in our parting shot on Sunday…notice the big smiles…..something or other to do with salami???


yeh………good times!



See ya next time “In the Hayloft”,

2 Responses to

  1. liz says:

    Great pictures. I do enjoy your blog.

  2. Joyce says:

    Thanks Grace! Posted some pics on my blog as well. Could have lived without the sleeping pic!

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