Here’s a fun post to do. Do a google search (or use your favorite search engine) and type in “unfortunately, then your name and press enter. For example, I typed in  “unfortunately grace”.  I saw this done on Michele’s blog and thought it’ll be cool to try. So here goes.

    1. Unfortunately Grace is not the correct person to contact if you are looking to publish your stories.
    2. Unfortunately Grace had neither the talent nor coordination to make it to skating stardom.
    3. Unfortunately Grace wouldn’t let me get one quick enough of her throwing fall leaves into the air.
    4. Unfortunately Grace, who remained a sports fan throughout her life – won’t be there. She died Nov. 27  at age 99.
    5. Unfortunately Grace’s smile and laugh were the first milestones lost…
    6. Unfortunately Grace hasn’t (yet) joined her Battlestar Galactica co-star Tricia Helfer in posing nude for Playboy.
    7. Unfortunately Grace is determined, though, to prove to her parents that she is responsible.
    8. Unfortunately Grace’s blog had a wider audience than she thought, and one day Grace was called into the principal’s office (all of this was real…I kid you not!).


      How weird huh?  But you gotta love # 6 and 7….as if!

      Let me know the funniest that you come up with.

      See ya next time “In the Haylfot”,

      5 Responses to Unfortunately….

      1. Gotta say I love #6!! Who knew that was YOU on Battlestar Galactica???? LOL!!!

      2. Ok, here’s mine!! LOL!!!

        1. Unfortunately Christine’s go-go boots are out of camera range. (Damn! Who took that picture anyway??)

        2. Unfortunately, Christine’s case was quite severe and she had only a fraction of the normal length of small intestine. (All I have to say is eewww!)

        3. Unfortunately, Christine was not Babe in the sequel, “Babe: Pig in the City,” for “personal reasons.” (Yes, moving on to bigger and better things than being a Pig!)

        4. Unfortunately Christine’s story was no exception to the rule. (It usually isn’t!!)

        5. Unfortunately, Christine just so happened to have a voice that was stunning and mesmerizing. (You didn’t know that about me, did you!)

        6. Unfortunately, Christine has retired from skating for a variety of reasons. (One of them, of course, is to pursue my singing career!)

        7. Unfortunately, Christine doesn’t mesh with the Stepford moms, and an awkward situation gets worse. (And we all know what happened!!)

        8. Unfortunately Christine, I do not have room down here in Hell because I’m trying to save plenty of space for the gays. (Ok, I did not write this; it just came up on Google. Don’t send me hate email!)

        9. Unfortunately, Christine is ready for him and pulls a blaster on Power, who is without his Power Suit. (Fortunately, I still have my Power Suit!)

        10. Unfortunately Christine has filled it with the same dribble she puts here. (Um, dribble? Shouldn’t that be drivel? Who knows, maybe they do mean dribble…eeww!)

      3. gracehowes says:

        How very cool! There is no telling what you will find when you do that.

      4. Elin says:

        So, you’re not gonna be a skating star or a Playboy centerfold. Oh well.

      5. Elin says:

        Oh, and here’s just one for me. I think it sums it all up nicely

        Unfortunately Elin, though quite attractive (physically) is quite stupid.

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