Check This Out


A recent post of mine showed the 4 art quilts I made for Collage Mania, a great fund raising effort for the American Cancer Society, organized by Virginia Spiegel.

For the last few days leading up to Collage Mania’s opening on May 5th, Virginia has been featuring a sneak peak at a few of the donated art quilts. It’s been like an online mini quilt show.

What a very nice surprise to find out however that on her website TODAY, one of my pieces, “BELIEVE”,  is one of the pieces being featured. Check it out here. How way cool is that?


Thanks Virginia. Don’t forget everyone that Collage Mania opens May 5th and ends on the 7th. Donations for the first day are $80 and $40 the remaining days.

Collage Mania Preview begins on Wednesday, April 29th. This is the time to take a look at all the pieces you really can’t bear to be without and be first in line for them on opening day. Buy one in honour of YOUR loved one.

See ya next time, “in the Hayloft”,


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