Still Plogging Along


POP Art 2008 (16 x 18)

Would love to post some pics of work but most of the stuff I am doing right now is computer work. Uggh!

I have though started new work on a couple of things but no pics to show just yet. First there’s the Orchid Project. I have 5 pieces to make for it and I’m trying to  whittle down my selection.

I want to try some new techniques with them but it all depends on the time frame. The 2nd new work is a larger one of my off-the-cuff pieces.

I don’t know if any of you remember about 2 yrs ago I decided to work small. It gave me a chance to get work done without feeling overwhelmed by the pressure I felt to produce larger pieces (self-imposed of course). Well guess what?

“WHAT”, you say?

I now feel the need to work larger…the smaller pieces I now find are too confining…so I guess that means that my method of pushing myself worked.

I’m find that I’m now comfortable with 18 x 24 and even up to 24 x 30 format (no sizes are written in stone mind you). I’m still struggling to start but that starting time has gotten shorter.

Some of you had commented that you like the ‘word of the year” thingy (it is too a real word!) I spoke about in an earlier post and I hope some of you have found your own words to help you the rest of this year. My two words (intention and self dicipline, the harder of the two) have greatly helped me move forward.

Alyson stanfield

According to Alyson Stanfield (her book above)  we should redefine our goals especially if we haven’t done so in a while. So that’s my next step. Redefine my goals for the next year.

Have you redefined your goals lately?

Do you know where you are headed with your art?

Are you flying blind? or flying straight (a few loop-de-loos not withstanding)?

Talk to me people. Take and assessment and see just where you are headed. Hopefully it’s in the right direction for you.



See ya next time “In the Hayloft”,

5 Responses to Still Plogging Along

  1. Patsy B says:

    I also like the word of the year.
    Some days I’m flying straight, some days blind, some days not at all. I too struggle to start a project, making up my mind exactly what I want to do – I feel I have to have a specific plan. And that’s just not so. I have been trying to learn to let go of fears that “it” won’t turn out right and “just do it”. So that is probably my word(s) of the year – “Just Do It.”
    I’m really looking forward to seeing the “FAB” showing Friday….I anxiously await tomorrow’s reception.

  2. grace says:

    Thanks Pat. Love your words.

    Similar to mine…I got so fed up with myself a few years ago for not doing anything (and letting fear rule) that I went into my studio, got on a chair and wrote on one of my walls, in extra large letters no less, the words “what if you just did it YOUR way?”

    I smile these days when it catches my eye cause it propelled me psychologically into action. Funnily enough that’s also what got me going to start an art group that turned into FAB. See you tomorrow.

  3. Nita says:

    It is interesting timing for me to come across this posting. I have felt quite a bit of some imposed pressure lately with quilting, sewing and collage. I don’t do this for a living, I do it for artistic expression. Yet I feel the need to get all of my projects done right away and in some orderly fashion. Last week my husband suggested that perhaps I should just work on what I am interested in at the time. Novel idea! So I have been and I am having fun! I have to remind myself to have fun and not think of it as a task I must complete. So “have fun” is my go to phrase.

  4. grace says:

    Love it Nita!

    Sometimes what steps into our path is exactly what we need at THAT moment. May your words “have fun’ take you far in fulfilling YOUR artistic expressions.

    Would love to see some of your work sometime….but no pressure here (hee hee).

  5. Nita says:

    You are so right Grace. I put down my crazy quilt blocks to work on collage techniques I had just learned and then ended up working some of my collage blocks in to my crazy quilt. There is so much more I am excited to learn. I want to learn free motion quilting, silk ribbon embroidery, your crinkle quilt technique and so much more! I have pictures of most of my stuff on Stitchin Fingers at
    Have a great weekend!

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