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cluster map

Every once in a while I check out the cluster map of visitors to my blog. I love hearing form each of you when you post comments but as usual it fascinates me when people stop by to say hi and I see where they are from.  At the bottom of my sidebar is a widget that just pops a big blob of red for their location but I need more than that.

So I copied and pasted the stats below, not to show how many I have (believe you me, that number has never interested me) but to show how far away people are yet we can still be so close. Technology like this rocks wouldn’t you say?

Check it out below….and a big, BIG thanks to all y’all who have visited my little corner of the world (I’ve been in the South too long, love to say y’all now) and continue to follow my journey, I love having you along for the ride.

If you see your country below give me a shout out in the comments section and let me know what kind of art you do. I’ll pop on over to your neck of the woods and check things out. Would love to even post about your work on my blog.

p.s. even my home country, the Bahamas, is represented though it’s probably all my family checking in.  But hey….family rocks too!

United States (US)
Canada (CA)
United Kingdom (GB)
Australia (AU)
Germany (DE)
New Zealand (NZ
France (FR)
Netherlands (NL)
Belgium (BE)
India (IN)
Bahamas (BS)
Spain (ES)
Singapore (SG)
Indonesia (ID)
Israel (IL)
Brazil (BR)
South Africa (ZA)
Sweden (SE)
Malaysia (MY)
Philippines (PH)
Switzerland (CH)
Portugal (PT)
Mexico (MX)
Argentina (AR)
Estonia (EE)
Poland (PL)
Norway (NO)
Denmark (DK)
Turkey (TR)
Italy (IT)
Czech Republic (CZ)
Greece (GR)
Hong Kong (HK)
Saudi Arabia (SA)
Uruguay (UY)
Romania (RO)
Thailand (TH)
Austria (AT)
Ukraine (UA)
Bulgaria (BG)
Pakistan (PK)
Finland (FI)
Japan (JP)
Trinidad and Tobago (TT)
Colombia (CO)
Virgin Islands, British (VG)
Guam (GU)
Luxembourg (LU)
Latvia (LV)
Netherlands Antilles (AN)
Russian Federation (RU)
Chile (CL)
El Salvador (SV)
Hungary (HU)
Taiwan (TW)
Oman (OM)
United Arab Emirates (AE)
Iran, Islamic Republic of (IR)
Kuwait (KW)
Macedonia (MK)
Mauritius (MU)
Bolivia (BO)
Ecuador (EC)
Vietnam (VN)
Slovenia (SI)
Bosnia and Herzegovina (BA)
Slovakia (SK)

This is so way cool!


See ya next time “In the Hayloft”,


One Response to Visitors to my Blog

  1. Hubby says:

    You are right…….”this is way cool”!!!!!!

    Do you get information on how long they remain on your site? We study this stuff for the activity on our company web site and it is amazing how as length on site increases, order probability increases.

    Looking at the list of countries, you can guess who it may be for some of them (like Sweden is obvious), but most of them there is absolutely no link to you! Way cool!

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